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Coming Soon - Premier Cloud Connect

  • Premier Literacy's new Cloud Connect feature is now built into your favorite Premier learning technologies.
  • With Premier Cloud Connect, you can BOTH access content stored in your Cloud-based services AND easily create new content using Premier tools to save to the Cloud.
  • Connect your essential files to your Google Drive™, Dropbox™ or OneDrive™ so they can be easily shared with your students, faculty and staff.
  • Premier Cloud Connect is a seamless blend of powerful learning tools and collaboration of shared resources in the Cloud.

What Do You Want Your Kids to Do With Technology?

Technology is a tool Ė a tool that can give students a voice; a tool that shows students they matter; and a tool that can make students active in their learning. The full potential of information and communication technologies will continue to grow and evolve and the common thread is access.

Premier learning tools ensure access. Premier students are learner-centered, media-driven, diverse, relevant and adaptable. They use Premier Tools like Launchpad to interact with electronic data. They use Write Now to share and publish their thoughts. They use Text-to-Audio to make studying portable. They use Worksheet Wizard to simplify classroom content.

Premier students donít learn about technology, they use technology to learn.


Bill Ferriter is a Teacher, Blogger, Author, and a Professional Development Provider and he created the graphic above to remind us how important technology in the classroom is. His website is available here.



The Premier story is a story of possibility... of potential... and of promise!


Premier StoryWe live in exciting times.  At Premier, we believe that with these exciting times come with exciting opportunity.  We see it as an opportunity to create students who are not only the best in the world but are the best for the world.  From its origins in 2005, Premier Assistive Canada has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to student success and to the provision of learning technologies that ensure that success.  We make learning tools that make writing smoother, reading better, and studying easier. Premier students use technology as easily and as simply as most students use a pencil. 

Teaching for and learning in this world presents complex problems but exciting possibilities. Education must be bold and creative and flexible.  It must encapsulate the potential of an exciting future. 

The Premier promise is an unwavering commitment to our students, to our teachers and to our parents.



Our New Mac Products - Suites and Portables!


Premier Assisitve Canada is pleased to announce the release of their newest Mac Products. The Literacy Productivity Mac Pack complements our windows LPP offering the same learning tools that can be used to read documents, enhance composition skills, look up a word or its definition in the integrated dictionary, and create study notes. It contains conceptual translation capabilities as well as tools to convert text files to WAV audio format. The LPP also enhances study skills with such features as highlighting/extract, integrated dictionary, selectable English or French spell-check, and LMIS summarization.

The LPP fosters independent learning, enocurages problem-solving, creates confidence and, therefore, generates success. The LPP is creating learners that will succeed today and in the future.

Learn More about the Literacy Productivity Mac Pack right now!


We are also introducing these powerful tools on a Premier To Go -- for Mac ! Premier portable products provide students with the tools they require to work independently and to achieve long-term success. The Premier To Go for Mac is providing access to powerful learning technologies whereever you go -- whenever you need it -- no installation required. With storage space for your files, books and notes, the Premier To Go for Mac makes the ideal "electronic book bag".


The portability of the tools offer support in the classroom, in the workplace and at home. With Premier portable products, you have the technology that moves.


Premier Assistive is a pioneer in the field of learning technology.  Once again with an eye on making learning tools more accessible and more practical, Premier has renewed its dedication to the concept of Universal Design.  For users that need more, Premier is pleased and excited to announce the new Premier to Go Dual.  The Premier to Go Dual offers the same portability and power users have come to expect from Premier portable products but with the added benefit of cross-platform freedom and flexibility.  The Premier To Go Dual is the first portable assistive technology device that can be used on both Mac and Windows computers.  It contains the full suite of powerful Premier tools, 16GB of storage and the flexibility to use it on just about any computer.  The Premier to Go Dual provides the complete portability and the ability to access learning technology anywhere.  Premier, a pioneer in the field of learning technology, continues to bring students Technology that Moves.




Premier Literacy

Experience freedom and flexibility

Premier Literacy, a leader in the field of learning technology, offers complete and affordable reading and writing solutions. Premier is providing valuable tools for life by offering programs that recognize, validate and accommodate user needs.  Innovation, affordability and portability are the defining elements of Premier products.



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